Cowboy Bail Bonds Teaming Up With Scruff McGruff To Help Youth Article

In our endless quest to not only improve our service but increase our contribution to society, Cowboy Bail Bonds has teamed up with the National Crime Prevention Council and their famous crime fighting mascot Scruff McGruff, to educate at risk youth.

One might not realize it, but children often accompany their parents or guardian to a bail bond agency. These kids are still at an age where a positive impression can be made. Here at Cowboy Bail Bonds we do not wsh to squander these opportunities. Which is why Buckley Chappell himself has taken the initiative to begin this cooperation with the NCPC to influence these young lives. By incorporating the famous Scruff McGruff in materials provided at kiosks located at the Cowboy Bail Bonds storefronts, any youngsters tagging along with their parents or guardians will receive information and education on preventing crime, teaching them about drugs and violence.

You can read the entire press release right here:
Cowboy Bail Bonds Works with National Crime Prevention Council to Take Its Own Bite Out of Crime

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