What To Do When Arrested Article

So it happened; you’ve made a mistake and now find yourself in the predicament of being in a place that you never expected to be; now what do you do? You can sit there all you want and wish your situation away. However, the fact is that nearly a third of our population is arrested before the age of 23. With such a staggering figure it seems almost foolish to have your mind disinherit the notion that you’ll never find yourself in prison. Yet there is hope, on average a jail is going to release 75% of their inmates within the first 72 hours. Getting arrested for an offense such as a DUI or domestic violence is a situation that can be remedied.

A slice of hope with your first meal.

With this in mind here are some tips of what to do if, worst case scenario, metal bars shut in your face. Your first step should have already been taken, when the police begin to tell you your Miranda rights, hone into the fact that you have the right to an attorney. Our justice system decrees that you must be given an attorney. You do not need to answer any questions without an attorney and doing so would be at your own risk, because as stated “anything you say and do can and will be used against you in the court of law.”

Now is not the time to worry.

Don’t sit around and wait for this to become resolved. With such a high rate of people being released it is not impossible to secure your release early by seeking the assistance of a bail bonds company. Did you know that most bail bonds only require 10% of the full value of the bond? This is called a surety bond and is actually what comes to mind when most people think of bail bonds. The process is simple, you pay 10% of the bond to a bail bondsman and they assure the court that you will show up when you are supposed to.

Another familiar type of bail bonds.

Another type of bond that people will recognize is the property bond. This is the type of bond that requires you put a lien on property you own. This usually settles any qualms about the 10%. Keep in mind though, if you do not show up in court with this type of bond attached, the bond agency will sell whatever property you put on lien to pay off what they owe the court because you did not show up. The best thing you can do is always show up!

The process of going to jail is something that will frighten even the most stout-hearted among us. Yet with keeping a clear mind and focusing on the goal of getting released it will not take a herculean effort to get out. Keep in mind that it costs the jail money to house you, so they will look for exemplary behavior to let you go. Your best bet is to keep your head down and not cause a scene. Don’t stand out in the crowd and they’ll be quick to let you go.

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