Man Arrested at Christmas Parade for Telling Children Santa Isn’t Real Article

A man was arrested after telling kids in a parade that Santa Claus does not exist.

An unidentified 24-year-old Canadian spent the night in jail for being drunk in public and for yelling “Santa isn’t real!” to young children attending the city’s annual Santa Claus Parade on November 17.

The annual parade in Kingston, Ontario, is typically a merry occasion marked by festive lights, floats, and the appearance of Old Saint Nicholas.

The intoxicated Grinch, with his hair gelled into the shape of devil horns protruding from his head, made a scene disturbing families and breaking the hearts of children.

“It was pretty despicable that someone, during this time of the year, would tell kids Santa isn’t real — which of course we would argue,” said Constable Steve Coopman from the Kingston Police Force.

He was taken away by police and was charged with public intoxication and a probation violation. He did get out on bail the next day for minor charges.

With a heart “two sizes too small” or no heart at all, there’s no doubt where he’ll be placed on Santa’s list.

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