Woman Attempts Two Bank Robberies in One Day Article

It was just not a lucky day for a lady who robbed two banks in suburban New York City, who was left empty handed and was sent to jail.

A woman walked in a TD Bank in Long Island and went to the teller’s window, demanding $5,000. But the teller directed the suspect to a customer services representative, police said.

She did what was told and sat down at the representative’s desk. The teller then pushed an alarm button.

“Did someone press the alarm?” the woman was heard asking as she hurriedly left the bank.

Thirty minutes later, the suspect visited another branch of TD Bank in East Meadow. She now threatened employees saying she had a bomb and demanded money.

The teller handed her cash and a dye pack that exploded and covered the woman with ink as she took off.

She was later seen dumping the money and was arrested.

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