Woman Arrested for Texting Drug Sale Offer to Officer Article

Some people send a text message to a wrong number all the time, no big deal. But a woman sends a drug offer text message to a wrong number and gets arrested because the number belonged to a police officer.

As Officer Ray Ayers was starting his shift for the day he received a mysterious text message in his cellphone offering to sell him drugs. The text message, which came through his department-issued phone, came from a woman who identified herself as “Diana” who said she had some “stuff” for him.

Ayers played along with the text conversation and found out what kind of drugs she had and the price. Then they set up a meet-up at a Fred Meyer in Warrenton to deliver the goods.

Ayers arrived with two other deputies to arrest Diana Cochran, 48, of Longview at 2:45AM. Cochran had methamphetamine, marijuana, prescription drugs and drug paraphernalia on her possession. She told police that she obtained Ayers’ phone number from a person she met at a hotel named “Wayne” and she was trying to contact him.

Cochran was charged with attempted delivery of controlled substances and held in Clatsop County Jail.

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