Two Steps Vehicle Registration Now in Effect Article

In case you haven’t heard, Texas’ new one sticker inspection/registration began on March 1st. The law

was passed during the last legislative cycle. The idea was to help save the state money by eliminating

the need to print that second sticker, as well as to declutter your vehicle window. The sticker will be

based only on your car passing inspection, and not an additional registration process with the state. The

proposal passed and the funds being saved are going back into other departments to help boost the


But in the first three days there are already issues abound with the changes. Those with registration and

inspection tags expiring on different dates are unsure of which month to follow to renew their tag.

People are waiting in seemingly endless lines at Tax Collection offices to pick up the new sticker, to find

out that they need to have their vehicle inspected first, or even worse, re-inspected because their

license information isn’t in the system from the inspectors yet. Unless you’re buying a new car right

now, the new sticker rules are tricky to decipher.

It’s still illegal to drive in Texas with expired stickers. Overlooking the dates will not help you avoid the

law. Repeat offenders can receive additional fines, up to a misdemeanor on your record and possible jail

time. Bail is always an option, but wouldn’t you like to save some money and avoid the hassle?

To help you out, Cowboy Bail Bonds has compiled a list of key points to be aware of with the new

registration process:

 Get your inspection done first. When inspected, information is transmitted to a state database.

If you skip the inspection, you won’t be eligible for the new sticker. Wait a day or two after

inspection to ensure your information has been submitted.

 Visit your local county tax office to get your new registration sticker. You can save yourself some

time by avoiding the lines and doing this step online, in the mail, or at a contact grocery store.

For more information, visit the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles website.

 Liability insurance is still required during registration or renewal.

 The sticker is valid for one year. The dates for inspection and registration will now sync up.

 Starting in March of 2016, motorists will have 90 days to complete the inspection and renewal

process from the date on the sticker.

 If your current two sticker dates do not match, the state has a system in place:

o Registration sticker expires first? You do not need to have your car inspected. Once you

receive your new sticker, you will not have to have another inspection until the new

sticker date in 2016.

o Inspection sticker expires first? You will need to have your vehicle checked; however

you will not be eligible for the new sticker, yet. You will receive an inspection report,

which you should keep in your glove box (to avoid a traffic ticket). Register for your new

sticker during the expiration date. At that time your inspection and registration will sync

up and you won’t need to inspect your vehicle until the new sticker date in 2016.

We hope this quick overview helps lesson some of the confusion, and save you time. Safe driving

everyone! For full information regarding the new system, visit Two Steps, One Sticker.

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