Suspect Had To-Do List of Planned Crimes Article

When a criminal tries to commit a string of crimes, it helps to be organized by making a list. At least for Evan Dorsey, 25, who had a to-do list of crimes in his possession when he was arrested.

Residents of Weymouth, Mass., called police to report of a man acting suspiciously in the neighborhood. They said he was carrying a bag, knocking on doors, and admitted he was doing a survey about opening a marijuana dispensary.

Police found Dorsey knocking on the side door of a house, stealing medication from a package left on the doorstep, and trying to break into the house. They nabbed him before he can go any further.

Dorsey had multiple items in his bag including a blackjack, nightstick, tools, and two dozen pieces of jewelry. But police did not expect to find a notebook that listed down Dorsey’s planned crimes: find crystal meth, find cocaine, break into someone’s house or rob a drug dealer, sell drugs, and surprisingly to “perform an altruistic act for a stranger,”

“This is a first for us,” Police Capt. Richard Fuller said. “Those aren’t things you would normally put on your daily to-do list.

Dorsey’s plan to do one good deed did not prevent the police from arresting him. His charges included larceny of drugs, receiving stolen goods over $250, carrying a dangerous weapon, possession of burglary tools, possession of Class E drugs, and attempting to commit a crime.

Since Dorsey was so good at making a list, maybe he should start listing down his criminal charges.

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