Employee Throws Big Party for Boss, Lands in Jail for Embezzlement Article

Every employee in the world thinks he should be paid more.

A woman from Boca Grande, Fla, took it upon herself to give herself an unauthorized raise. Ruth C. Amen, 46, lived a luxurious lifestyle that others thought she could not afford on her salary.

Then Amen made a mistake that lead to her arrest. She threw a lavish surprise party for her boss and did not expect that the biggest surprise would be on her.

Amen, a manager at Gulf to Bay Realty, was solely in-charge of the company’s billing and payroll. After she hosted the grand shindig for her supervisors, the company officials held an investigation which lead to a trail of poorly-managed finances and missing funds.

Reports say that Amen had used $92,000 of company funds to settle her personal credit card debt, rewarded herself with additional paychecks totalling to up to $65,000, and deliberately failed to deduct insurance cost from her salary. Investigators say she had embezzled a total of $182,000.

Amen was arrested for Grand Theft and Scheme to Defraud.

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