Shocked Woman Flipped Off Judge, Got Sent to the Slammer Article

A Miami teen is now a jailbird after giving the judge “the bird” in court.

Penelope Soto, 18, appeared before a bond court judge after being arrested on charges of possessing Xanax.

Soto got off to a bad start when she angered the judge by laughing off his questions about her finances.

The judge asked if she was under the influence; she stroked her hair repeatedly and replied, “Actually, no.”

“We’re not in a club, be serious about it,” said the judge.

The judge ordered Soto held on $5,000 bond. She giggled and bid the judge “Adios” as she walked away, which infuriated the judge further.

He asked Soto to come back and upped her bail to $10,000.

“Are you serious?” a shocked Soto asked, to which the judge replied that he was, adding “Adios.”

“[Expletive] you,” Soto said, giving the judge the finger as she turned away in disgust.

The judge called her back again, saying, “Did you just say that to me?”

He decided he wasn’t going to put up with her attitude and sentenced her to 30 days behind bars for contempt of court.

Watch the entire exchange in this full 3-minute video, courtesy of Youtube user Shoesh McGoesh:

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