Man Tried To Eat Fake Money Article

A North Carolina man eats fake bills hidden in his shoe after he was confronted by police for trying to use fake money to buy food.

Can I get you a drink, sir?

A man and his two companions, another man and a juvenile male, went to IHOP to buy pancakes and paid with a $50 counterfeit bill. When the cashier got suspicious, the trio left and headed to McDonald’s.

They pulled through the restaurant’s drive-thru and the cashier was also suspicious of the $50 bill the man paid for their order.

The employee called the police and the three suspects were still on the scene, waiting for their change.

Police said the two men, Michael Keith Herron, 46, Adam Kirk Dillingham, 30, and the boy, all had counterfeit bills.

While they were interviewed at police headquarters, Dillingham removed 11 fake $50 bills and 5 fake $20 bills hidden in his shoe and tried to eat them.

Dillingham is charged with 24 counts of criminal simulation and one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Herron is charged with seven counts of criminal simulation.

The minor was released to his legal guardian.

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