Burglar Arrested After Cops Follow Trail Of Cheetos Article

“You simply can’t eat a Cheetos Snack without smiling.” – Cheetos.com

In this case, the cops are smiling too, as a bag of Cheetos led them to the snack-loving crook.

A South Carolina teenager who robbed a convenience store was busted after a trail of Cheetos lead police to his home.

Austin Lee Westfall Presler, 19, shattered the front glass of a store and stole beer, cigarettes, snacks and energy drinks.

During the break-in, he opened a bag of Cheetos that spilled all over the store’s floor and in the doorway, into the parking lot where he parked his car, and left a trail leading right to the front porch of his house. Police found Presler inside the house with the stolen items.

He was arrested and charged with second-degree burglary of a general store.

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