Man Hit Brother With Urn And Spilling Human Ashes Article

A man in Ohio has been accused of smashing a cremation urn over his brother’s head during an argument.

An infuriated 23-year-old Joel Perez started breaking items while fighting with his brother and threatened to kill him.

Police arrived at the scene and saw Perez bring a large blue urn over the head of his brother and hit him. It knocked his brother unconscious and created a cloud of human ashes.

Perez struggled with officers when they tried to arrest him and they zapped him with a stun gun. They wrestled him to the ground where he continued fighting.

The victim suffered cuts to his head and body.

Perez has been arrested and charged with domestic violence, felonious assault and resisting arrest.

Reports did not indicate the cause of the argument or the identity of the remains from the urn.

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