Homeless Teen Houseguest Stole Panties From Hosts Article

Homeless Connor Greear, taken in by his kind neighbors, repaid them for their kindness by stealing their panties.

A woman knew Greear from the neighborhood and took pity on him, so she agreed to let the 18-year-old stay with her.

The woman grew suspicious of Greear and later looked in his luggage. She then found a pair of panties that belonged to her 8-year-old daughter and reported the theft to police.

Officers then arrived on the scene and searched the teen’s belongings. They discovered four more pairs of panties in his clothes pockets that belonged to a neighbour who had previously taken him in.

Greear was charged with misdemeanor theft, saying it was basically a fetish.

“He has a fetish for girl’s underwear is what he said,” police said.

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