Burglary Suspect Tries To Escape Via Backstroke Article

A woman who had been accused of several burglaries was arrested after her failed attempt to “backstroke” her way to freedom.

Police have received numerous reports of home break-ins describing the suspect as a white female with a green getaway car.

Until one day, the suspect was caught in the act as the homeowner was at home during the burglary attempt. The resident went outside to chase the woman towards the river.

The woman then plunged into the water and did the “backstroke” across the river in an effort to escape but instead found officials waiting for her on the other end.

The bathing suspect, 21-year-old Chelsea Rowanne Lane, admitted to the burglaries which she did during daytime and targeted jewelries. She also identified her accomplice in the crimes, a man named Richard Leach, 41, who drives the 1999 Green Pontiac Grand Am getaway vehicle owned by Lane and also pawned the stolen items.

Leach has also admitted to being involved with Lane in the thefts. The money they had were used for buying drugs.


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