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After Being Served a Meal at Denny’s, Couple Will Serve Time in Jail Over Unpaid Bill

Lisa Marie Antonucci, 41, and Leonard Patrick Backer, 43, only had $8 between them and did not have any other way to pay their $34.08 bill at Denny’s.

When the waitress handed them the bill after their meal, Antonucci became belligerent and threatened the restaurant staff and other diners.  She then had a change of mood and asked everyone to reach into their pockets and help them out by…

Dumb Identity Thief Hands Waitress Her Own Stolen Driver’s License

When Brianna Priddy’s wallet was stolen, she thought she would never see her driver’s license again.

It was a nightmare for her because someone was already using her credit cards and writing bad checks under her name. As the crime was being investigated, she intended to move on with her life.

But Priddy, who works for an Applebee’s in Lakewood,Colorado, got a surprise two weeks later…

Couple Arrested for Stealing Toilet Flush Valves for Quick Cash

A couple in San Antonio was accused of stealing toilet parts from local McDonald’s restaurants.

Patrick Ring, 45, and Dianna Rodriguez, 41, were caught stealing flush valves from a McDonald’s bathroom on Dec 11.  The couple also confessed to also have burglarized Bill Miller Bar-B-Q, Jack in the Box, and five other McDonald’s locations in the area.

Police say that Ring and Rodriguez…

Pickpocket Steals 44 Phones at Club, Stuffs Them in Pants

A British man was found with over 40 mobile phones stuffed down his bicycle shorts as he was leaving a popular nightspot.

Managers called police after several patrons complained of their missing cellphones.

Police arrived and agreed to search everyone as they exited the club.

Officers were shocked to find Iulian Cojocaru, 28, with 44 phones hidden in a pair of Lycra cycling shorts under…

Magician Makes Cash Disappear on Cheese Till

A London magician could be about to perform a vanishing act now that he’s heading to jail after using his sleight-of-hand skills to make cash disappear while working at a store’s cheese till.

Amit Gadhia worked for two and a half years for the store originally as an entertainer performing magic tricks for customers before moving to a job on the cheese counter.

The 35-year-old used his…

Pickpocket Called Victim to Ask for His Credit Card PIN

A Spanish pickpocket was arrested when he allegedly called his victim to ask for his credit card PIN after clumsily failing to withdraw money from the bank account.

Joan Carles M.M., 28, stole a wallet containing cash and two credit cards. He then attempted to withdraw money from the bank, and guessed various pin number combinations in a variety of ATM´s so it ended up being blocked.


Two Men Stole $65,000 in Chicken Wings Amid Shortage

Police arrested two storage facility workers for allegedly stealing $65,000 worth of frozen chicken wings.

Renaldo Jackson, 26, and Dewayne Patterson, 35, are listed as employees at Nordic Cold storage in Doraville, just north of Atlanta, where the wings were stolen.

The duo allegedly pulled the heist in the middle of the day using a rental truck which was then loaded with 10 pallets of…

Shoplifter Told Police He Had Caught Satan And Was On A Special Mission

A man was arrested for shoplifting and explained to police he was on a military mission.

The store managers caught Robert Anthony Leseueur, 36, as he attempted to leave without paying for his soda and beef stick. They held him until the police arrived.

Leseueur told police that “someone on the Internet had told him to come get those items,” and that he “works for Seal Team Six and was…

Christmas Thief Left Cellphone in Victim’s Car

In an attempt to spoil the holiday cheer, a man stole a family’s Christmas presents but was later busted because of his missing phone.

On Christmas Eve in France, a 20-year-old man spotted wrapped gifts in an unlocked car and took the presents.

He later discovered when he got home that his mobile phone went missing. He had to file a report so his insurance company will replace it.


Burglar Ate Cake, Played Darts, Turned On Christmas Lights

A man broke into a home in Illinois and surely made himself warm and comfortable.

The ‘surprise guest’ lit some candles and turned on the Christmas tree lights. He had some coffee cake, watched TV in the living room and even played a round of darts in the garage.

Daniel W. Bailey, 32, then knocked on the resident’s bedroom door to awaken them, possibly to thank them for their…