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Strengthening Community Ties: The Role of Community Policing and Bail Bonds in DFW

In cities across the vast Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area, where history and diverse cultures converge, community policing plays a crucial role in shaping the bond between police and residents. This approach builds strong relationships, improving safety and trust. Community policing has also influenced the legal system, including bail bonds. In this blog, we’ll delve into […]

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Navigating Legal Challenges in Dallas: A Guide for Residents

Introduction: Understanding the Legal Landscape in Dallas In Dallas, a city known for its vibrant yet complex legal environment, residents often encounter a variety of legal challenges ranging from family disputes and criminal charges to employment issues and estate planning. Cowboy Bail Bonds stands out as a crucial ally in navigating these challenges, especially when […]

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Body Cams possible in Texas?

Missouri City, TX Representative Ron Reynolds filed a bill last week for committee review that would require all police officers in Texas, who interact with the public, to be equipped with body cameras. Given the recent events surrounding the lack of cameras in the South Carolina shooting of Walter Scott, an unarmed man killed by […]

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Dallas Crime Watch Groups Seeing Lackluster Results from Crime Data

Some Dallas area crime watch groups and city council members are none too happy about a new system in the city, which restricts access to information. For over a decade, Dallas police have relied on local community leaders to help maintain a reduction in crime throughout the city. But new state laws and technology issues […]

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Conclusion of Boston Marathon Bombing. What’s Your Verdict?

As the Boston Marathon Bombing trial nears its end, Prosecutors and Lawyers for the accused, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, began their closing arguments on Monday. This turn is leading towards the conclusion of the proceedings, before the jury decides if the young man is guilty and if so, what his sentence should be. A number of legal […]

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Changes Under Consideration for Texas Religious Freedom Act

It seems like everyone in the U.S. is focusing on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, signed into law last week. Arkansas is next on the chopping block, as the governor reviews a similar law that was passed Tuesday by their Legislature. The major concern with both Acts is that, based on the vague wording, it […]

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Dallas Police Go Bald for Cancer Research

Several members of the Dallas Police have joined forces to help in the fight against childhood cancer with a “Brave the Shave” event. Deputy Chief James Scott Walton formed a team with his fellow officers in hopes to raise money for cancer research. “I think we really have a desire to be there for people […]

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A Positive Program for Boys in Dallas Juvenile Court

Being in the business, we have seen the best and worse that the legal system has to offer. But there are always flickers of hope in those wishing to change things for the better. Judge George Ashford, a lawyer appointed as a judge to the Division Male Court (DMC), is one such person. Every Monday […]

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Texas Current Grand Jury System under New Inquiry

We do a lot of things differently in Texas, including how we choose who sits on a grand jury. Instead of picking from a pool of randomly selected individuals, judge-appointed commissioners are allowed to nominate prospective jurors. Federal courts have stopped using this grand jury method nearly four decades ago, and the state of Texas […]

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The Curious Case of Robert Durst

It seems like a scenario out of a movie: A millionaire. A filmmaker. A camera crew. An interview. A possible confession. “What the hell did I do?” “Killed them all, of course.” The producers of the HBO documentary short-series The Jinx had no idea what they stumbled upon when they asked Robert Durst to be […]

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Vigil Held, Video of Suspects Released for Man Killed While Taking Snow Photos

The Dallas Police Department has recently released a video of potential suspects, believed to be involved in the shooting death of Ahmed Al-Jumaili, age 36, outside of the Walnut Bend Apartment complex on Walnut Lane. They are seeking help from the public to identify the men in the video, who were in the area at […]

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Two Steps Vehicle Registration Now in Effect

In case you haven’t heard, Texas’ new one sticker inspection/registration began on March 1st. The law was passed during the last legislative cycle. The idea was to help save the state money by eliminating the need to print that second sticker, as well as to declutter your vehicle window. The sticker will be based only […]

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