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Category: stalking

Felon Flashed Teen Girl At Mailbox

A 30-year-old man was arrested for flashing himself to a teenager at a mailbox and began following her.

A man approached a young girl while she was at the mailbox of her apartment complex and asked for the time. The victim was looking for her phone in her pocket when the man exposed himself and began touching himself methodically in an inappropriate manner. The girl left quickly and went…

Stuck on You: Man Puts Glue on Ex-Girlfriend’s Belongings

A man was arrested after leaving a woman in a sticky situation inside her apartment.

An unidentified woman called the cops and reported a break-in inside her home and discovered her refrigerator door and utensil drawer were glued shut. The culprit also had poured glue all over her computer keyboard.

Police suspected her ex-boyfriend, Dennis Michael Homberg, 42, of the glue-som…