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Category: sexual assault

Bridge Worker Accused of Kissing Lady Driver

A young lady who stopped at a tollbooth on her way to work was stunned when the bridge worker leaned into her car through an open window and planted one on her lips.

Dean Alison Porter, 66, a former bridge commissionaire in Nova Scotia, Canada, is on trial for sexual assault.

The woman was on her way to work a night shift when she approached the booth to pay a toll.

Porter had been…

Super Mario Brother Impersonator Arrested For Allegedly Groping Woman

Princess Toadstool will not be happy to hear news of Mario touching another woman.

A man inside a Super Mario Brother costume was arrested after a 58-year-old woman reported to police the mascot groped her in New York City’s Times Square.

Damon Torres, 34, of North Bergen, N.J., blocked the woman’s path and grabbed her thigh before walking away.

Torres was also charged with marijuana…