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Man Steals Cold Treat, Now in Hot Water

All Tobias Franklin wanted was a cold ice cream sundae.  But he did not plan to pay for it.

The 20-year-old man ordered an ice cream sundae with sprinkles at Goff’s Ice Cream near Church Street.  When the store owner handed him the treat and told him he owed $3.25, he grabbed the sundae from the store owner’s hand and ran away.

The store owner ran after Franklin for a block, then…

Thief Busted After Brother Cashed In Stolen Lottery Tickets

A man who swiped 100 lottery tickets during a smash and grab burglary was busted after his brother cashed-in the winning tickets.

In a smash and grab incident, Trevor David Winsett, 24, stole scratch-off lottery tickets and gave them to his brother.

Winsett’s brother and his girlfriend cashed in the winning tickets at another convenience store.

Fingerprints lifted from the cashed in…

Man Lied About Wife and Kids in Pizza Robbery Sob Story

A man who tried to rob a pizzeria collapsed into tears saying he needed the money for his wife and kids. His tearful reluctance earned him sympathy and free food. But as it turns out, the sob story was all a lie.

Montana police say 33-year-old David Randall Lacey walked into a pizza restaurant with a bandana over his face and gave the clerk a note demanding money.

Unfortunately, the cas…

68-Cent Robbers Receive Lengthy Sentences

Two men paid a hefty price for receiving only 68 cents from robbing three people at random.

A judge in San Antonio sentenced Ryan Huerta, 19, to 18 years in prison and Arnulfo Hernandez, 20, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for their string of three holdups.

The two neighbors were armed with a .22-caliber rifle when they first robbed a Walmart employee of his pocket change. Then they…

Man Calls Mom For Getaway Ride After Attempted Robbery

A man was arrested in Florida after trying to rob a convenience store and then calling his mom for a ride home.

Zachariah Dalton Howard, 22, walked in to a convenience store wearing a long black coat, hoodie and blue jeans, and told the clerk he had a gun, though he didn’t actually show one.

However, the clerk showed him an empty register, and Howard left the store empty-handed. He called…

Animal Control Officer Dispute With Nun Over Chihuahua

A 1-year-old Chihuahua was the rope in a tug o’war battle against an elderly nun and an animal control officer.

Just before Christmas, animal control officer Lori Michelle Holland, 41, had put up her pup, Mojo, for adoption and was taken by an 82-year-old disabled nun, Rosa DiCesare, who had reportedly been recovering from triple-bypass plus recent hip surgery.

Holland soon changed her…

Christmas Thief Left Cellphone in Victim’s Car

In an attempt to spoil the holiday cheer, a man stole a family’s Christmas presents but was later busted because of his missing phone.

On Christmas Eve in France, a 20-year-old man spotted wrapped gifts in an unlocked car and took the presents.

He later discovered when he got home that his mobile phone went missing. He had to file a report so his insurance company will replace it.


Sisters Rob Hotel, Pocket-Dial Reveals Their Identities

“Of two sisters, one is always the watcher, one the dancer.” – unknown

Two sisters who robbed a hotel were later identified when one of the suspects accidentally pocket-dialed the hotel minutes after the heist.

One of the suspects walked in the hotel wearing gray sweatpants, a gray sweatshirt, sunglasses and a black bandana covering her mouth and approached the front desk clerk with her…