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Category: resisting arrest

Counterfeiter Arrested After Returning Printer With Fake Bills

A suspected counterfeiter left a paper trail of his handiwork when he returned a printer to Walmart and left fake bills inside it.

Jarad Carr, 37, wanted to return a printer to a Walmart in Lake Hallie, Wis., without a receipt. The store clerks refused to accept the printer but Carr insisted and would not leave. The clerks found a sheet of counterfeit bills inside the printer.

Lake Ha…

Spring Breaker Pees on Cop’s Lunch

Spring Breakers usually make stupid decisions. Chris Brennan was no exception. The 18-year-old spring breaker was arrested for urinating in a police car.

The Lee County officer was responding to a report of a rowdy group of individuals smashing bottles at the Pink Shell Resort on Estero Boulevard in Fort Myers, FL. He found three people causing a ruckus at the scene. He then secured Brennan in…

Woman Robs Bank During Test Drive

A woman taking a car on a test drive used its elderly owner as unwitting getaway car driver after she tried to rob a bank.

Gail Castle, 51, asked an elderly man who was selling his 1987 Chrysler 5th Avenue to ride along with her for a spin.

After driving down the block, Castle asked the man to take her to the bank, where she would get the $2,200 to buy the car.

The bank was crowded, so…

Man Hit Brother With Urn And Spilling Human Ashes

A man in Ohio has been accused of smashing a cremation urn over his brother’s head during an argument.

An infuriated 23-year-old Joel Perez started breaking items while fighting with his brother and threatened to kill him.

Police arrived at the scene and saw Perez bring a large blue urn over the head of his brother and hit him. It knocked his brother unconscious and created a cloud of…

Armed Woman Pooped, Wreaked Havoc After Finding Hubby With ‘Naked Chick’

A man was sleeping with his girlfriend when they were awakened by his estranged wife pointing a rifle at them.

Brenda Schumann, 51, stormed in the bedroom, pointed the weapon at her husband and his younger girlfriend, threatening to kill them both.

The husband tried to grab the rifle from Schumann when she got distracted. As they wrestled, Schumann kicked the girlfriend’s stomac…

Woman Irate About Laundry Cash

A woman was enraged after her boyfriend refused to pay for laundry and charged him with a hammer.

Jazmin Duran, 24, pounded on the bathroom door with the tool as her boyfriend locked himself in. She also broke a bedroom mirror and put holes in a TV screen.

It started when Duran asked for money to do her laundry. When the man refused, she became furious and grabbed the hammer.

“I’m going…