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Category: reckless driving

Woman Asks $300,000 from Police to Pull Over

A woman demanded a “fee” of $300,000 from police for her to pull over after a bizarre car chase.

It all began when Jennifer Herring, 37, of Myrtle Beach, refused to stop for a traffic violation.

Despite the deputy’s blue lights and siren, Herring kept driving about 70 mph in a 45 zone.

She called 911 through her cellphone to negotiate with the dispatcher her asking price of $300,000…

Woman Says God Told Her to Speed

Giving new meaning to the term “Godspeed”, a woman was arrested for speeding to over 100mph with the reason that “God made her do it”.

Melissa Miller, a 41 year old woman from the Port of St. Lucie, was driving a silver Toyota car when she caught the attention of Fort Pierce officers as she drove by so fast with the horn honking nonstop, and her arms stretched out of the window.

As t…