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Category: possession

Suspect Had To-Do List of Planned Crimes

When a criminal tries to commit a string of crimes, it helps to be organized by making a list. At least for Evan Dorsey, 25, who had a to-do list of crimes in his possession when he was arrested.

Residents of Weymouth, Mass., called police to report of a man acting suspiciously in the neighborhood. They said he was carrying a bag, knocking on doors, and admitted he was doing a survey about…

Anti-DUI Volunteer Arrested for DUI

A volunteer for a group aiming to fight drunk driving was arrested for doing just that.

Ram Ride, a program sponsored by Colorado State University, provides free rides to students who’ve had too much to drink.

A volunteer Ram Ride driver, Karl Dalwin Colville La Borde, 19, was with another volunteer in the car at the time they were pulled over by police for going 39 mph in a 30 m…

‘Tis The Season for Weed Giving: Man Caught With Marijuana as Christmas Presents

‘High’ hopes for Christmas will go astray, not just for the recipients, but for the man who was caught with Christmas presents containing marijuana.

Multiple packages containing a total of 12 ounces of the illegal drug wrapped as holiday presents were found as police searched the motel room of Darrick Thomas, 29.

Thomas told police the marijuana was his and he had recently smoked…