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Category: possession of a weapon

Suspect Had To-Do List of Planned Crimes

When a criminal tries to commit a string of crimes, it helps to be organized by making a list. At least for Evan Dorsey, 25, who had a to-do list of crimes in his possession when he was arrested.

Residents of Weymouth, Mass., called police to report of a man acting suspiciously in the neighborhood. They said he was carrying a bag, knocking on doors, and admitted he was doing a survey about…

Teen Busted for Pills, Liquor and Knives at School

A 15-year old boy was arrested in school for having in his possession five knives, almost four dozen painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs, a marijuana crusher and a lighter.

Florida police acted on a tip that one of the students was walking around in a daze.

Joshua Cruz, a student at Fort Myers Middle school, admitted that he was high and had given six other students some pills. The other…

Man Gets 7 Years in Jail Over $2 NY Subway Fare

If you are carrying an illegal handgun, it may be to your benefit to avoid getting into trouble, like not paying your subway fare.

Ruben Sanabria, 37, now faces more than 7 years in prison over just $2.25 fare on the subway.

He was arrested March last year when police caught him as he jumped the turnstile in a Manhattan subway to beat the fare.

Two police officers grabbed him and…

Woman Irate About Laundry Cash

A woman was enraged after her boyfriend refused to pay for laundry and charged him with a hammer.

Jazmin Duran, 24, pounded on the bathroom door with the tool as her boyfriend locked himself in. She also broke a bedroom mirror and put holes in a TV screen.

It started when Duran asked for money to do her laundry. When the man refused, she became furious and grabbed the hammer.

“I’m going…

Naked Stunt in London’s Whitehall

Looks like London’s government district got more action than Soho when a man climbed naked onto the Duke of Cambridge’s statue around noon.

The nudist, Dan Motrescu, shocked central London while transforming it into a peep show, as he mounted the 19th-century bronze statue, ripped off its sword and balanced on its head.  Police scrambled to cordon off Whitehall, a street that is home to…