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Category: petty theft

Man Steals Cold Treat, Now in Hot Water

All Tobias Franklin wanted was a cold ice cream sundae.  But he did not plan to pay for it.

The 20-year-old man ordered an ice cream sundae with sprinkles at Goff’s Ice Cream near Church Street.  When the store owner handed him the treat and told him he owed $3.25, he grabbed the sundae from the store owner’s hand and ran away.

The store owner ran after Franklin for a block, then…

Man Steals Steak, Wine To ‘Impress A Lady’

Courtship is not dead.

James Flenniken, 48, went all-out to woo his date, so much that he stole $80 worth of beer, vino and steaks from a Walmart store.

Flenniken was caught by one of the store’s “loss prevention officers”.

This Romeo later told police that he’d done it “to impress a lady.”

He was charged with petty theft.

Now his big date will be all sizzle and no…