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Category: misdemeanor theft

Homeless Teen Houseguest Stole Panties From Hosts

Homeless Connor Greear, taken in by his kind neighbors, repaid them for their kindness by stealing their panties.

A woman knew Greear from the neighborhood and took pity on him, so she agreed to let the 18-year-old stay with her.

The woman grew suspicious of Greear and later looked in his luggage. She then found a pair of panties that belonged to her 8-year-old daughter and reported t…

Teen Busted For Stealing ‘Super Sucker’ Sex Toy From Store

A 19-year-old in Florida was busted for stealing a “super sucker” sex toy from a novelty gift shop.

Alexander Marcelino Perez went to Spencer’s, a store known for selling some edgy and novelty items, and asked for a job application.

But instead of filling out an application, the teen went to the back of the store and swiped the $16.99 “Super Sucker” adult pleasure device from the shelf.