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Mother Arrested for Growing Marijuana in Children’s Closet

When police showed up at the Tulsa home of Veronica Thompson, 21, they thought they were responding to a noise and weapons complaint.  Neighbors at the apartment complex near East Pine Street and North Yale Avenue had complained about the loud music.

Reports say that Thompson’s boyfriend and two other men had kicked a door open and brandished a gun, threatening to shoot t…

Teen Busted for Pills, Liquor and Knives at School

A 15-year old boy was arrested in school for having in his possession five knives, almost four dozen painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs, a marijuana crusher and a lighter.

Florida police acted on a tip that one of the students was walking around in a daze.

Joshua Cruz, a student at Fort Myers Middle school, admitted that he was high and had given six other students some pills. The other…

Two Teens Use iPhone App to Mimic Police Lights

Two Florida teenagers were arrested for using an iPhone app to imitate police lights and pull over car drivers in a nearby mall.

An officer patrolling the parking lot of a mall in Naples spotted an unmarked tan Ford Ranger pickup flashing red and blue lights while driving behind another car.

The cop stopped the driver, Ryan McMahon Schulze, 19, and his passenger, Matthew Levi Davis, 18, who…

Smuggler Conceals Pot In Frozen Carrots

A man’s idea to smuggle marijuana by hiding them among frozen carrots wasn’t as brilliant as he may have thought.

The 29-year-old man from Maywood, CA was driving a truck from California into a cargo facility near San Diego when U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials inspected the truck.

At first glance the boxes only appeared to contain frozen bright orange carrots, but a closer…

‘Tis The Season for Weed Giving: Man Caught With Marijuana as Christmas Presents

‘High’ hopes for Christmas will go astray, not just for the recipients, but for the man who was caught with Christmas presents containing marijuana.

Multiple packages containing a total of 12 ounces of the illegal drug wrapped as holiday presents were found as police searched the motel room of Darrick Thomas, 29.

Thomas told police the marijuana was his and he had recently smoked…

Super Mario Brother Impersonator Arrested For Allegedly Groping Woman

Princess Toadstool will not be happy to hear news of Mario touching another woman.

A man inside a Super Mario Brother costume was arrested after a 58-year-old woman reported to police the mascot groped her in New York City’s Times Square.

Damon Torres, 34, of North Bergen, N.J., blocked the woman’s path and grabbed her thigh before walking away.

Torres was also charged with marijuana…