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Should Kidnap and Rape Suspect Ariel Castro Get Bail?

By now you have heard the story.

A young woman’s scream is heard from next door. A neighbor responds. She begs him to help her escape. He does. Once the woman and a little girl are free, the elder of the two explains she’s Amanda Berry, an Ohio female who disappeared as a teenager a decade ago. Wait, there is more. There are other women being held captive in the house. Below is the account…

McDonalds Craving Leads to Driver Kidnapping

Three young men in New Zealand abducted a security van driver and ordered him to drive them to McDonalds for a feed.

Police say the men approached a 20-year-old security van driver demanding him to drive them to Mickey D’s for some late night munchies and take them home again.

The driver went along. After dropping off the three men, the frightened driver headed to police and reported his…

Deadly Dreadlocks: Woman Claims Boyfriend Choked Her With Dreadlocks

The hair can be used as a weapon too, that is if you have matted ropes of hair known as dreadlocks.

A fight between a girlfriend and a boyfriend turned violent and strange.

An unidentified woman accused Caleb Grotberg, 32, of choking her with his dreadlocks. He was gone when officers arrived on the scene but they were able to track him down and arrest him.

Grotberg is now facing charges…