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Category: indecent exposure

Felon Flashed Teen Girl At Mailbox

A 30-year-old man was arrested for flashing himself to a teenager at a mailbox and began following her.

A man approached a young girl while she was at the mailbox of her apartment complex and asked for the time. The victim was looking for her phone in her pocket when the man exposed himself and began touching himself methodically in an inappropriate manner. The girl left quickly and went…

Man Arrested After Peeing on Patrol Car

A man needs to ignore nature’s call the next time he gets pulled over.

Roger Alvin Henderson was driving with his mother and was being stopped by a deputy for a suspected window tint violation.

Henderson stepped outside the car, handed over his driver’s license to the deputy. He said he needed to pee but the officer apparently did not hear his request to be excused.

The deputy…

Naked Stunt in London’s Whitehall

Looks like London’s government district got more action than Soho when a man climbed naked onto the Duke of Cambridge’s statue around noon.

The nudist, Dan Motrescu, shocked central London while transforming it into a peep show, as he mounted the 19th-century bronze statue, ripped off its sword and balanced on its head.  Police scrambled to cordon off Whitehall, a street that is home to…