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Man Gets DUI, Steals Ambulance, Then Tries to Steal Horses

This drunk just wanted to break every law possible before the cops caught him and spent solid time in the clink.

An injured drunken driver in Alabama was treated in a hospital when he left and stole an ambulance, tried to steal two horses and also stole two cars.

It all began when Matthew Anderson Todd, 24, was arrested for DUI after a car crash and was being taken to the hospital for…

Man Arrested for Striking Police Horse

A man was arrested after smacking a mountain police horse’s rear.

Olawale Ayodeji Agbede was seen slapping the animal four times on the rear.

The horse, which was dressed with visible police department patches, moved away from the man after being hit.

The man was taken into custody after trying to escape and was found in a nearby parking lot.

Agbede told police that he struck t…