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Got to Give It Up: DNA

There is an evolution afoot. If staying up on all the criminal justice news is not on your to-do list, then you may have missed it.

In recent days, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has made the news for the decisions it hasn’t made. But recently, SCOTUS made a landmark, while controversial, decision: to allow the continued collection of DNA from felony arrestees, before any…

How Does the Booking Process Work?

Getting the Bail Bonds Process Started

Getting arrested and the booking process

There are many reasons people get arrested. When that happens, they are taken to the county jail and go through what is called the booking process. Their fingerprints are taken and their personal possessions, such as watches and wallets, will be taken from them, inventoried and kept by the jailer. They will be searched for drugs and weapons.