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Category: fraud

Counterfeiter Arrested After Returning Printer With Fake Bills

A suspected counterfeiter left a paper trail of his handiwork when he returned a printer to Walmart and left fake bills inside it.

Jarad Carr, 37, wanted to return a printer to a Walmart in Lake Hallie, Wis., without a receipt. The store clerks refused to accept the printer but Carr insisted and would not leave. The clerks found a sheet of counterfeit bills inside the printer.

Lake Ha…

Pickpocket Called Victim to Ask for His Credit Card PIN

A Spanish pickpocket was arrested when he allegedly called his victim to ask for his credit card PIN after clumsily failing to withdraw money from the bank account.

Joan Carles M.M., 28, stole a wallet containing cash and two credit cards. He then attempted to withdraw money from the bank, and guessed various pin number combinations in a variety of ATM´s so it ended up being blocked.


Three People Arrested in Home Lottery Scam

Running a lottery scam is a guaranteed ticket to jail.

Three people in France were reported for fraud by home lottery winners after finding out the organizing team did not own the homes in the drawing.

Leonardo Simpatico, a property agent, sold tickets to 40,000 people telling them they were being entered in a drawing to win one of six houses or apartments, with a money-back guarantee if…