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Category: drug paraphernalia

Man Arrested for Hiding 100 Bags of Heroin in His Anus

A Trenton man was caught in a stinky mess when he was charged for stuffing 100 bags of heroin up his anus.

When Rasoul Speight, 32, was pulled over during a routine traffic stop, police smelled marijuana in his car and received permission to search the vehicle.  They found “nothing of evidentiary value” but arrested Speight and his passenger, Gary Sylak, 25, for outstanding traffic…

Two Teens Use iPhone App to Mimic Police Lights

Two Florida teenagers were arrested for using an iPhone app to imitate police lights and pull over car drivers in a nearby mall.

An officer patrolling the parking lot of a mall in Naples spotted an unmarked tan Ford Ranger pickup flashing red and blue lights while driving behind another car.

The cop stopped the driver, Ryan McMahon Schulze, 19, and his passenger, Matthew Levi Davis, 18, who…

Man Pocket-Dials 911 While Talking About Selling Drugs

A 19-year-old was in a big surprise when he found out 911 dispatchers had been eavesdropping on his chat with friends on selling drugs.

Matthew Dollarhide was driving a tow truck in Florida when all of a sudden he was being pulled over by police.

Officers asked him about his conversation with his two passengers and asked why they were talking about the sale of drugs.

Dispatchers wer…

Burglar Ate Cake, Played Darts, Turned On Christmas Lights

A man broke into a home in Illinois and surely made himself warm and comfortable.

The ‘surprise guest’ lit some candles and turned on the Christmas tree lights. He had some coffee cake, watched TV in the living room and even played a round of darts in the garage.

Daniel W. Bailey, 32, then knocked on the resident’s bedroom door to awaken them, possibly to thank them for their…