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End of Watch

This week is National Police Week across the country. Dallas, along with other municipalities across Texas and nationwide, are using the occasion to honor their fallen officers.

Here at Cowboy Bail Bonds, we salute those in law enforcement, who choose to put their lives on the line daily to make us safer or to make sure our rights are protected when we are in their custody. It’s a risky job,…

Man Jailed After Pretending Stun Gun is Penis

An Athens man was arrested for pretending a stun gun was his penis at a downtown bar.

A concerned bartender at the Roadhouse on North Lumpkin Street called the police when Meredith Grayson Watson, 44, of Hiawassee Avenue, created a scene at about 2:30 p.m. outside the bar and held a stun gun as if it were his penis and discharged it at passersby.

Watson was reportedly having an argument…