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Category: criminal mischief

Woman Charged for Using Ice Cream as Weapon

I scream, you scream, I throw ice cream.

Vanessa Pierre, 19, of Port St. Lucie, Florida was arrested for throwing an ice cream pint as a weapon against a neighbor.

Pierre was arguing with her mother and had stormed out of their house screaming and yelling.  Reports say the mother was angry because Pierre had allowed a friend to live in her bedroom.

A neighbor overheard the ruckus and…

Teen Sets Ex-girlfriend’s House on Fire

If you can’t keep the fire burning in your relationship, it’s not a reason to set an old flame’s house on fire.

A Florida teen, Angus Bishop Anderson, was responsible for burning down a Seagrove Beach home, which belonged to his ex-girlfriend’s family.

The 19-year-old was reportedly devastated over the recent break up.

He is charged with arson, burglary, grand theft and crimina…

Woman Irate About Laundry Cash

A woman was enraged after her boyfriend refused to pay for laundry and charged him with a hammer.

Jazmin Duran, 24, pounded on the bathroom door with the tool as her boyfriend locked himself in. She also broke a bedroom mirror and put holes in a TV screen.

It started when Duran asked for money to do her laundry. When the man refused, she became furious and grabbed the hammer.

“I’m going…

McDonald’s Customer Throws Tantrum Over Burger

It wasn’t a “happy meal” for a Pennsylvania man who threw a fit after having cheese on his hamburger.
All hell broke loose at a McDonald’s store as 35-year-old Sean Varone knocked over a trash can, threw a high chair and assaulted an employee.
An employee attempted to call 911 but the unsatisfied customer grabbed the cellphone and threw it across the parking lot as he left the area full of…

Stuck on You: Man Puts Glue on Ex-Girlfriend’s Belongings

A man was arrested after leaving a woman in a sticky situation inside her apartment.

An unidentified woman called the cops and reported a break-in inside her home and discovered her refrigerator door and utensil drawer were glued shut. The culprit also had poured glue all over her computer keyboard.

Police suspected her ex-boyfriend, Dennis Michael Homberg, 42, of the glue-som…