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Category: child neglect

Man Forces Ex-Fiancee to Swallow Engagement Ring

An Orlando man proved how he was no gem when he was arrested for forcing his ex-fiancee to swallow her diamond engagement ring.

Reports say that Faron Thompson, 29, became agitated when his girlfriend decided to leave him and walked out of the house. He got even more enraged when she walked back in to pick up the engagement ring she had left on the counter. Thompson allegedly tackled her down,…

Mom Left Son Alone in Motel Room to Go See a Movie

A mom left her 7-year-old son alone in a motel room because he did not want to see a scary movie.

Deputies responded to a 911 disconnect at a motel in Kissimmee, Florida and found out the call came from one of the rooms. When they arrived, a 7-year-old boy answered the door and found open containers of beer in the room.

He told officers his mom, 28-year-old Natalie Figueroa, along with her…

Man Left Baby at Strip Club

A father from Florida went to a strip club’s liquor store and left his 11-month-old baby with the clerk.

The 26-year-old dad, Kenneth Rowe, was already drunk when he walked in to the Shark Lounge liquor store in Daytona Beach and asked one of the staff to babysit his son so he could enter the strip club, which was located in the same building.

The club saying “We will rock you” on its…