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Man Steals Cold Treat, Now in Hot Water

All Tobias Franklin wanted was a cold ice cream sundae.  But he did not plan to pay for it.

The 20-year-old man ordered an ice cream sundae with sprinkles at Goff’s Ice Cream near Church Street.  When the store owner handed him the treat and told him he owed $3.25, he grabbed the sundae from the store owner’s hand and ran away.

The store owner ran after Franklin for a block, then…

Burglar Falls Through Ceiling

A burglar fell through a department store ceiling in front of cops that were looking for him. Paul Masters, 47, fought against the officers who were waiting to arrest him at Roses department store at the Eastland Shopping Center in Kentucky.

Employees had called the police because they had noticed several tiles displaced from the drop-tile ceiling around 1 p.m. Later on they heard someon…

Burglar’s Traitor Phone Butt-Dials Cops

A burglar’s phone played traitor when it accidentally called the police to his crime scene.

Douglas Wolaver, 40, had broken into a house in Sidney, Ohio when he butt-dialed 911.

Police who were dispatched to scope the house out found a window that was forcibly opened and determined that there was a burglary in progress.

The burglar hid in the bathroom and remained undetected until his…

Thief Busted After Brother Cashed In Stolen Lottery Tickets

A man who swiped 100 lottery tickets during a smash and grab burglary was busted after his brother cashed-in the winning tickets.

In a smash and grab incident, Trevor David Winsett, 24, stole scratch-off lottery tickets and gave them to his brother.

Winsett’s brother and his girlfriend cashed in the winning tickets at another convenience store.

Fingerprints lifted from the cashed in…

Teen Sets Ex-girlfriend’s House on Fire

If you can’t keep the fire burning in your relationship, it’s not a reason to set an old flame’s house on fire.

A Florida teen, Angus Bishop Anderson, was responsible for burning down a Seagrove Beach home, which belonged to his ex-girlfriend’s family.

The 19-year-old was reportedly devastated over the recent break up.

He is charged with arson, burglary, grand theft and crimina…

Burglary Suspect Tackled by Man, 82

Police just needed a “Miracle” to take down a burglary suspect, an 82-year-old one, that is.

Terry Miracle of Washington was in his garden when he noticed commotion and found out a burglar being chased down by police was approaching his house.

The suspect was looking back to see how close the police were and didn’t see Miracle, who was in position, getting ready to bust out a footba…

Woman Assaults Two People with Squirt Gun

A woman is accused of entering a residence and assaulting two people with a squirt gun.

One afternoon in Minnesota, a lady resident opened the door when the doorbell rang and found a woman dressed in all black, complete with a black baseball cap and black furry mask.

The woman in black then sprayed the homeowner’s face with a squirt gun filled with a solution made of water, jalapenos, red…

Shoplifter Told Police He Had Caught Satan And Was On A Special Mission

A man was arrested for shoplifting and explained to police he was on a military mission.

The store managers caught Robert Anthony Leseueur, 36, as he attempted to leave without paying for his soda and beef stick. They held him until the police arrived.

Leseueur told police that “someone on the Internet had told him to come get those items,” and that he “works for Seal Team Six and was…

Burglar Covers Face With Bucket After He Forgets Mask

All dressed in camouflage and a pair of gloves, a burglar heads to break into a store thinking he had the perfect disguise.

The burglar showed up at Kenney’s Seafood and was aware of the surveillance cameras. He soon realized he left the most important element of his disguise, his mask. To remain anonymous, the man grabbed a bucket and covered his head as he went around the store for…

Burglar Arrested After Cops Follow Trail Of Cheetos

“You simply can’t eat a Cheetos Snack without smiling.” –

In this case, the cops are smiling too, as a bag of Cheetos led them to the snack-loving crook.

A South Carolina teenager who robbed a convenience store was busted after a trail of Cheetos lead police to his home.

Austin Lee Westfall Presler, 19, shattered the front glass of a store and stole beer, cigarettes,…