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Category: bank robbery

Woman Robs Bank During Test Drive

A woman taking a car on a test drive used its elderly owner as unwitting getaway car driver after she tried to rob a bank.

Gail Castle, 51, asked an elderly man who was selling his 1987 Chrysler 5th Avenue to ride along with her for a spin.

After driving down the block, Castle asked the man to take her to the bank, where she would get the $2,200 to buy the car.

The bank was crowded, so…

Woman Attempts Two Bank Robberies in One Day

It was just not a lucky day for a lady who robbed two banks in suburban New York City, who was left empty handed and was sent to jail.

A woman walked in a TD Bank in Long Island and went to the teller’s window, demanding $5,000. But the teller directed the suspect to a customer services representative, police said.

She did what was told and sat down at the representative’s desk. T…

Bank Robber Just Wanted A New Car

Russell Lester Sanford Jr., 28, got fed up seeing younger people driving newer cars and so he robbed a bank.

Sanford, who was armed with a semiautomatic handgun, robbed a bank in Florida and fled with the money.

But his glory was short-lived when he was pulled over near the scene by a deputy who identified his getaway vehicle from the description given to dispatchers by bank…