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Man Accused of Killing Roommate’s Fish

Saying goodbye is not so easy. But a Brooklyn, N.Y, man took it really hard.

Jose Santiago, 47, was accused of killing his roommate’s fish after she started packing to leave him.

Brenda Alvarez said she decided to leave their Nostrand Avenue apartment because she and Santiago have grown apart. Although they have known each other since they were children, she said she can no longer bear…

Man Arrested for Attacking Gay Couple Walking a Pink Poodle

A man from Oregon attacked a gay couple because their poodle was dyed pink. Perhaps he hated pink and preferred another color.

George Mason, Jr,. 22, was driving his SUV when he saw David Beltier and boyfriend Jeremy Mark walking near a busy intersection in Hillsboro.

Reports say that Mason shouted homophobic slurs at the two men and rudely commented on their pink dog, saying that it was…

Mother Punches Another Woman for Calling Her Son a “Bully”

There was more than a children’s playground fight at a middle school in Ohio when a mother punched another woman for calling her son a bully.

Witness accounts say that Connie Edmiston, 42, approached the other woman’s car and ordered her to come out. When the other woman rolled down her window, Edmiston lunged into the car and punched her repeatedly in the face.  Edmiston was reportedly…

Woman Charged with Assault for Throwing Used Tampon at Officers

A belligerent and intoxicated woman was arrested for fighting with a bar patron and security guard at Oleander Saloon in Old Town, Minnesota.

Cheryel Mack, 21, of Golden Valley was resisting arrest and was out of control when police arrived at the scene. When she was brought to Blue Earth County Jail where she was strip-searched, Mack grew even more agitated and uncooperative.

Reports say…

Woman Assaults Two People with Squirt Gun

A woman is accused of entering a residence and assaulting two people with a squirt gun.

One afternoon in Minnesota, a lady resident opened the door when the doorbell rang and found a woman dressed in all black, complete with a black baseball cap and black furry mask.

The woman in black then sprayed the homeowner’s face with a squirt gun filled with a solution made of water, jalapenos, red…

Man Breaks Out of Jail and Stops for Beer

A jail escapee heads for bar but never gets to enjoy happy hour.

After breaking out of a holding cell in Pennsylvania, Timothy Bonner stopped at a bar and had a beer.

Police say the 40-year-old was arrested on an assault charge. Police had removed his handcuffs and placed him in the cell when Bonner allegedly knocked the cell door and ran away.

Bonner first stopped at a house to borrow a…

Deadly Dreadlocks: Woman Claims Boyfriend Choked Her With Dreadlocks

The hair can be used as a weapon too, that is if you have matted ropes of hair known as dreadlocks.

A fight between a girlfriend and a boyfriend turned violent and strange.

An unidentified woman accused Caleb Grotberg, 32, of choking her with his dreadlocks. He was gone when officers arrived on the scene but they were able to track him down and arrest him.

Grotberg is now facing charges…

McDonald’s Customer Throws Tantrum Over Burger

It wasn’t a “happy meal” for a Pennsylvania man who threw a fit after having cheese on his hamburger.
All hell broke loose at a McDonald’s store as 35-year-old Sean Varone knocked over a trash can, threw a high chair and assaulted an employee.
An employee attempted to call 911 but the unsatisfied customer grabbed the cellphone and threw it across the parking lot as he left the area full of…