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Former Brewing Company Employee Arrested for Stealing Rare Beers

A Boulder Beer Bandit proved he had a very good taste in beer when he stole more than $15,000 worth of rare and vintage brews. This is not an ice-cold case.

Adam James Dickinson, 26,  was arrested for stealing cases of expensive beer from the Avery Brewing Company where he worked from April 2012 until he was fired in October.  He was arrested at his new workplace in Fort Collins.


Man Breaks Out of Jail and Stops for Beer

A jail escapee heads for bar but never gets to enjoy happy hour.

After breaking out of a holding cell in Pennsylvania, Timothy Bonner stopped at a bar and had a beer.

Police say the 40-year-old was arrested on an assault charge. Police had removed his handcuffs and placed him in the cell when Bonner allegedly knocked the cell door and ran away.

Bonner first stopped at a house to borrow a…

Car Drove 75 mph With Man on Hood

In Spain, police pulled over a speeding car with a man sitting on the hood.

The man behind the wheel was driving at 75 mph in a 50 mph zone and had twice the legal limit of alcohol in his blood. He claimed he had been attacked by a gang of youths outside a bar.

The man on the hood said they had a fight and jumped in the hood to avoid being run over. Police said that he was “behaving…