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Category: aggravated assault

Man Arrested for Dousing Children with Lighter Fluid

A Plant City man was arrested and charged with arson, aggravated assault and two counts of child abuse after he used lighter fluid to douse a home, a woman and her two children.

Reports say that Randy Lee Lisenby, 44, became upset when the woman whom he shared a home with kicked him out because of his heavy drug use.

He proceeded to splash a bottle of lighter fluid on the doorway of t…

Armed Woman Pooped, Wreaked Havoc After Finding Hubby With ‘Naked Chick’

A man was sleeping with his girlfriend when they were awakened by his estranged wife pointing a rifle at them.

Brenda Schumann, 51, stormed in the bedroom, pointed the weapon at her husband and his younger girlfriend, threatening to kill them both.

The husband tried to grab the rifle from Schumann when she got distracted. As they wrestled, Schumann kicked the girlfriend’s stomac…

Woman Irate About Laundry Cash

A woman was enraged after her boyfriend refused to pay for laundry and charged him with a hammer.

Jazmin Duran, 24, pounded on the bathroom door with the tool as her boyfriend locked himself in. She also broke a bedroom mirror and put holes in a TV screen.

It started when Duran asked for money to do her laundry. When the man refused, she became furious and grabbed the hammer.

“I’m going…