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Burglar Falls Through Ceiling

A burglar fell through a department store ceiling in front of cops that were looking for him. Paul Masters, 47, fought against the officers who were waiting to arrest him at Roses department store at the Eastland Shopping Center in Kentucky.

Employees had called the police because they had noticed several tiles displaced from the drop-tile ceiling around 1 p.m. Later on they heard someon…

Man Accused of Killing Roommate’s Fish

Saying goodbye is not so easy. But a Brooklyn, N.Y, man took it really hard.

Jose Santiago, 47, was accused of killing his roommate’s fish after she started packing to leave him.

Brenda Alvarez said she decided to leave their Nostrand Avenue apartment because she and Santiago have grown apart. Although they have known each other since they were children, she said she can no longer bear…

Counterfeiter Arrested After Returning Printer With Fake Bills

A suspected counterfeiter left a paper trail of his handiwork when he returned a printer to Walmart and left fake bills inside it.

Jarad Carr, 37, wanted to return a printer to a Walmart in Lake Hallie, Wis., without a receipt. The store clerks refused to accept the printer but Carr insisted and would not leave. The clerks found a sheet of counterfeit bills inside the printer.

Lake Ha…

Fleeing Thief Runs Into Post and Loses Teeth

A thief did not only lose his freedom when cops caught up to him, he had also lost some of his teeth.

Patrick James Gelardi, 25, of Delray Beach, reportedly stole a Nokia Lumia phone from an AT&T store by cutting the wires that held it to the display wall. The store manager, Ciandra Arnold, said that Gelardi hurriedly ran from the store, but slipped when he got to the corner, and collided wit…

Dumb Identity Thief Hands Waitress Her Own Stolen Driver’s License

When Brianna Priddy’s wallet was stolen, she thought she would never see her driver’s license again.

It was a nightmare for her because someone was already using her credit cards and writing bad checks under her name. As the crime was being investigated, she intended to move on with her life.

But Priddy, who works for an Applebee’s in Lakewood,Colorado, got a surprise two weeks later…

Man Arrested for Dog Harassment

An 18-year-old man looked like he wanted to get into a dogfight, literally.

Reports say that as an Alachua Police Department officer drove by 13710 NW 158th Ave, Jaquil Chamara Williams came out of the house, ran to the car and yelled at the police K-9 at the back of the car.

Williams was raising his hands and arms and was shouting at the top of his lungs.

The dog struck the cage but was…

Spring Breaker Pees on Cop’s Lunch

Spring Breakers usually make stupid decisions. Chris Brennan was no exception. The 18-year-old spring breaker was arrested for urinating in a police car.

The Lee County officer was responding to a report of a rowdy group of individuals smashing bottles at the Pink Shell Resort on Estero Boulevard in Fort Myers, FL. He found three people causing a ruckus at the scene. He then secured Brennan in…

Half-Naked Woman Attempts to Flee Crime Scene in a Toy Truck

An Arkansas woman seemed to think that it was all fun and games when she attempted to flee a crime scene in a battery-operated toy truck.

Jamie Jeanette Craft, 29, was over-speeding and drove her 2001 Pontiac Grand Am into a side of a trailer home in Jonesboro.

Craft, who was only wearing a shirt and no pants or shoes, came out of the car and started arguing with the trailer owner.  S…

Man Arrested for Attacking Gay Couple Walking a Pink Poodle

A man from Oregon attacked a gay couple because their poodle was dyed pink. Perhaps he hated pink and preferred another color.

George Mason, Jr,. 22, was driving his SUV when he saw David Beltier and boyfriend Jeremy Mark walking near a busy intersection in Hillsboro.

Reports say that Mason shouted homophobic slurs at the two men and rudely commented on their pink dog, saying that it was…

Mom Mailed Knife to Children to Kill Grandparents

Leticia Maria Silva, a 31-year-old woman from Lakeland, North Carolina, was arrested for mailing a switchblade pocketknife to her daughters to kill their paternal grandparents.

The daughters, aged seven and nine, are living with the grandparents who have full custody of them for the past seven years. Reports say that Silva can only speak to her daughters once or twice a month.

After Silva…