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Woman Arrested for Texting Drug Sale Offer to Officer

Some people send a text message to a wrong number all the time, no big deal. But a woman sends a drug offer text message to a wrong number and gets arrested because the number belonged to a police officer.

As Officer Ray Ayers was starting his shift for the day he received a mysterious text message in his cellphone offering to sell him drugs. The text message, which came through his…

Mom and Son Both Charged With Drunk Driving

This mom’s attempt to rescue son and teach by example is a failure. When the mom went to the police station to pick up her son arrested for drunk driving, she was arrested for the same offense.

The son, a 27-year-old man from Newmarket, was pulled over in Innisfil for speeding. The man failed the roadside sobriety test and was charged with impaired driving at the police station.


Employee Throws Big Party for Boss, Lands in Jail for Embezzlement

Every employee in the world thinks he should be paid more.

A woman from Boca Grande, Fla, took it upon herself to give herself an unauthorized raise. Ruth C. Amen, 46, lived a luxurious lifestyle that others thought she could not afford on her salary.

Then Amen made a mistake that lead to her arrest. She threw a lavish surprise party for her boss and did not expect that the biggest surpris…

Suspect Had To-Do List of Planned Crimes

When a criminal tries to commit a string of crimes, it helps to be organized by making a list. At least for Evan Dorsey, 25, who had a to-do list of crimes in his possession when he was arrested.

Residents of Weymouth, Mass., called police to report of a man acting suspiciously in the neighborhood. They said he was carrying a bag, knocking on doors, and admitted he was doing a survey about…

After Being Served a Meal at Denny’s, Couple Will Serve Time in Jail Over Unpaid Bill

Lisa Marie Antonucci, 41, and Leonard Patrick Backer, 43, only had $8 between them and did not have any other way to pay their $34.08 bill at Denny’s.

When the waitress handed them the bill after their meal, Antonucci became belligerent and threatened the restaurant staff and other diners.  She then had a change of mood and asked everyone to reach into their pockets and help them out by…

Man Crashes Car to Make Haircut Appointment

When this man needs a hair trim, nothing will stop him; not even a construction barricade.

William Faulkner, 76, crashed his 2001 Lincoln through a construction barricade to get to Hair Solutions for Ladies and Gents in Salt Springs, Florida.  According to reports, Faulkner also hit a construction worker on the knee as the man was helping him back up his car.

Faulkner was able to make his…

Woman Calls 911 for Help Ordering Chinese Food

Maybe she needed help pronouncing Kung Pao Chicken or needed someone to explain the difference between lo mein and chow mein noodles.  Whatever the real reason, Elizabeth Niemi considered it an emergency and called 911 for help to order her Chinese food.

When Hooksett police arrived, they expected the 57-year-old woman to be needing emergency medical attention.  Instead, Niemi explained that…

Man Steals Cold Treat, Now in Hot Water

All Tobias Franklin wanted was a cold ice cream sundae.  But he did not plan to pay for it.

The 20-year-old man ordered an ice cream sundae with sprinkles at Goff’s Ice Cream near Church Street.  When the store owner handed him the treat and told him he owed $3.25, he grabbed the sundae from the store owner’s hand and ran away.

The store owner ran after Franklin for a block, then…

Wife is a Snorer, So Husband Burns Her Pants

A man in Salt Lake City was arrested for setting fire to his wife’s pants because he was disturbed by her snoring.

Bryce Ray Whitaker, 60, told police that he lit a candle on a gas stove and used it to set fire to a pair of his wife’s pants and a cardboard box while she was sleeping.  He said he became upset after he and the woman have been arguing about “her snoring and her…

Woman Screams Desperate Pleas at Judge After Being Denied Bail for Stabbing Her Husband

A Miami woman bound to a wheelchair screamed and pleaded at a judge after she was denied bond.

Blanca Regalado was charged for stabbing her husband multiple times at their home at 1800 N. Bayshore Dr. Apt 4201. Police were called to a domestic dispute complaint and found her husband Francisco Javier Martinez, 56, suffering from multiple stab wounds from a Swiss Army knife. He was taken to a…