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Woman Says God Told Her to Speed

Giving new meaning to the term “Godspeed”, a woman was arrested for speeding to over 100mph with the reason that “God made her do it”.

Melissa Miller, a 41 year old woman from the Port of St. Lucie, was driving a silver Toyota car when she caught the attention of Fort Pierce officers as she drove by so fast with the horn honking nonstop, and her arms stretched out of the window.

As t…

How Does the Booking Process Work?

Getting the Bail Bonds Process Started

Getting arrested and the booking process

There are many reasons people get arrested. When that happens, they are taken to the county jail and go through what is called the booking process. Their fingerprints are taken and their personal possessions, such as watches and wallets, will be taken from them, inventoried and kept by the jailer. They will be searched for drugs and weapons.


Woman Charged After Bizarre Hotel Incident

A woman was running around a hotel, in her underwear, and knocked on guests’ doors.

The manager of the Holiday Inn in Florida reported to police that a woman “had been running around the hotel in her bra and panties and she had been knocking on guests’ doors.”

The Port St. Lucie police arrived at the hotel and the manager also told an officer the running underwear woman activated the fir…

Man Left Baby With Pit Bull While He Went Out Drinking

A man was arrested after he passed his responsibility for watching over a 10-month-old baby to a pit bull.

James Irvine, 41, of Palm Coast, Fla., was left to babysit while the mother of the baby went to work.

The mother arrived home to discover the baby was alone, crying, and Irvine was trying to get in the garage door.

Irvine admitted he had been at a bar and told the woman the baby was…

Man Jailed After Pretending Stun Gun is Penis

An Athens man was arrested for pretending a stun gun was his penis at a downtown bar.

A concerned bartender at the Roadhouse on North Lumpkin Street called the police when Meredith Grayson Watson, 44, of Hiawassee Avenue, created a scene at about 2:30 p.m. outside the bar and held a stun gun as if it were his penis and discharged it at passersby.

Watson was reportedly having an argument…

Man Arrested at Christmas Parade for Telling Children Santa Isn’t Real

A man was arrested after telling kids in a parade that Santa Claus does not exist.

An unidentified 24-year-old Canadian spent the night in jail for being drunk in public and for yelling “Santa isn’t real!” to young children attending the city’s annual Santa Claus Parade on November 17.

The annual parade in Kingston, Ontario, is typically a merry occasion marked by festive lights, floats,…

Cowboy Bail Bonds Teaming Up With Scruff McGruff To Help Youth

Cowboy Bail Bonds Fighting Crime At The Earliest Stage

In our endless quest to not only improve our service but increase our contribution to society, Cowboy Bail Bonds has teamed up with the National Crime Prevention Council and their famous crime fighting mascot Scruff McGruff, to educate at risk youth.

One might not realize it, but children often accompany their parents or guardian to a bail bond agency. These kids are still at an age where a…

What To Do When Arrested

Got Arrested?

So it happened; you’ve made a mistake and now find yourself in the predicament of being in a place that you never expected to be; now what do you do? You can sit there all you want and wish your situation away. However, the fact is that nearly a third of our population is arrested before the age of 23. With such a staggering figure it seems almost foolish to have your mind disinherit the notion…