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Deflated Love: Man Stole Miley Cyrus-Themed Blow-up Sex Doll

A 22-year-old man was busted for trying to steal a blow-up sex doll that looks like pop singer Miley Cyrus.

Benjamin Greene of North Carolina allegedly took the inflatable “Finally Mylie! Love Doll” from a shelf at Spencer’s Gifts, took it out of the box and hid it in his coat.

Greene passed all points of sale before he was confronted by an employee, who was asking for the doll.


Stuck on You: Man Puts Glue on Ex-Girlfriend’s Belongings

A man was arrested after leaving a woman in a sticky situation inside her apartment.

An unidentified woman called the cops and reported a break-in inside her home and discovered her refrigerator door and utensil drawer were glued shut. The culprit also had poured glue all over her computer keyboard.

Police suspected her ex-boyfriend, Dennis Michael Homberg, 42, of the glue-som…

Man Arrested After Peeing on Patrol Car

A man needs to ignore nature’s call the next time he gets pulled over.

Roger Alvin Henderson was driving with his mother and was being stopped by a deputy for a suspected window tint violation.

Henderson stepped outside the car, handed over his driver’s license to the deputy. He said he needed to pee but the officer apparently did not hear his request to be excused.

The deputy…

Groom Speeds to Church and Spends Wedding Night in Jail

No wedding bells came ringing in Valparaiso for Timothy N. Thompson, 23, who got arrested for resisting law enforcement, criminal recklessness and reckless driving.

Thompson was allegedly speeding recklessly in the center lane of the road.  According to an officer, he was driving erratically at 100mph, switching lanes abruptly – nearly taking the highway to hell.

The daredevil groom was…

Man Tried to Mail Meth and Cocaine with FedEx

A man from Redwood City was arrested after checking on his FedEx package that did not get to his recipient in the Philippines.

The two boxes containing three kilograms of methamphetamine and 100 grams of cocaine he dropped off at a FedEx outlet were seized at Customs.

After calling the courier on the status of the packages, police were able to track the sender down and delivered him to ja…

Woman Asks $300,000 from Police to Pull Over

A woman demanded a “fee” of $300,000 from police for her to pull over after a bizarre car chase.

It all began when Jennifer Herring, 37, of Myrtle Beach, refused to stop for a traffic violation.

Despite the deputy’s blue lights and siren, Herring kept driving about 70 mph in a 45 zone.

She called 911 through her cellphone to negotiate with the dispatcher her asking price of $300,000…

Naked Stunt in London’s Whitehall

Looks like London’s government district got more action than Soho when a man climbed naked onto the Duke of Cambridge’s statue around noon.

The nudist, Dan Motrescu, shocked central London while transforming it into a peep show, as he mounted the 19th-century bronze statue, ripped off its sword and balanced on its head.  Police scrambled to cordon off Whitehall, a street that is home to…

Man Arrested for Striking Police Horse

A man was arrested after smacking a mountain police horse’s rear.

Olawale Ayodeji Agbede was seen slapping the animal four times on the rear.

The horse, which was dressed with visible police department patches, moved away from the man after being hit.

The man was taken into custody after trying to escape and was found in a nearby parking lot.

Agbede told police that he struck t…

Woman Arrested After Riding a Manatee

A woman didn’t realize a fun ride with a manatee was a bad idea until cops showed up at her workplace and told her it was illegal.

For a couple of months, police have been tracking the woman in the picture riding the endangered sea animal in Florida.

The woman claimed she did not know of any law prohibiting anyone to touch the endangered species.

Florida’s Manatee Sanctuary Act…

Nude Man Sent to Prison for Arson

A naked man turned up the heat as he set his apartment on fire.

Carlos Rene Tomasi, 38, alarmed neighbors as he put his apartment ablaze.

He was first seen emptying a refrigerator in the community room in the apartment complex.  He then dragged the appliance into his apartment and covered it with clothes and set them on fire.

The flesh-baring arsonist knocked on one of his neighbor’s…