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Animal Control Officer Dispute With Nun Over Chihuahua

A 1-year-old Chihuahua was the rope in a tug o’war battle against an elderly nun and an animal control officer.

Just before Christmas, animal control officer Lori Michelle Holland, 41, had put up her pup, Mojo, for adoption and was taken by an 82-year-old disabled nun, Rosa DiCesare, who had reportedly been recovering from triple-bypass plus recent hip surgery.

Holland soon changed her…

Woman Irate About Laundry Cash

A woman was enraged after her boyfriend refused to pay for laundry and charged him with a hammer.

Jazmin Duran, 24, pounded on the bathroom door with the tool as her boyfriend locked himself in. She also broke a bedroom mirror and put holes in a TV screen.

It started when Duran asked for money to do her laundry. When the man refused, she became furious and grabbed the hammer.

“I’m going…

Pilot Sees Theft at Own House From The Air

A pilot was on a leisurely flight and wanted to get an aerial view of his house when he caught a man stealing his trailer.

The homeowner, David Zehntner, was flying his private airplane over his home in Glades County when he saw a man attaching a 6×12 trailer to his truck and sped off.

He followed the truck while contacting the police to report the robbery. Police was able to get t…

Man Left Baby at Strip Club

A father from Florida went to a strip club’s liquor store and left his 11-month-old baby with the clerk.

The 26-year-old dad, Kenneth Rowe, was already drunk when he walked in to the Shark Lounge liquor store in Daytona Beach and asked one of the staff to babysit his son so he could enter the strip club, which was located in the same building.

The club saying “We will rock you” on its…

Man Stole From Salon and Left Cellphone

Burglars will learn from 26-year-old Kenneth Plummer to always check their belongings before leaving a crime scene.

He was arrested by Florida Police after stealing $600 cash from a nail salon, but unwittingly dropped and left his cellphone.

After the heist, he was seen casually having breakfast at a diner beside the salon, counting his money.

Later that day, Plummer was busted after a…

Woman Rams Teen with SUV Over Walmart Parking Spot

A school board member driving an SUV hit a teenager during a Walmart parking space dispute.

Angela Cornett faces misdemeanor charges after hitting a 17-year-old girl who was standing at a parking spot to save it for a friend.

Cornett wanted the spot and argued with the girl, telling her to move. Cornett then accelerated, pushing the girl, and hitting her on the knee with the SUV’s…

Woman Returns Home to Find Sex Offender Folding Her Laundry

A woman walked into her apartment with her fiancé on Christmas Day to find a man in her living room, folding her laundry.

The couple sensed something was odd when they found  luggage outside the door. Her fiancé walked in first to find the stranger sitting cross-legged folding the woman’s sports bra.

The creepy new helper, who was a registered sex offender, also claimed he had cleaned…

2012’s Biggest Bail Amounts

Robert Gaskill

The world didn’t end in 2012, but it was filled with many shocks and surprises including some surprisingly large bail amounts. This year’s largest bail numbers were awarded for a variety of offenses including murder, sexual assault, insider trading and evading arrest. While 2012’s surprisingly high bail amounts all went to men, the list includes suspected criminals from a variety of ethnicities,…

Christmas Thief Left Cellphone in Victim’s Car

In an attempt to spoil the holiday cheer, a man stole a family’s Christmas presents but was later busted because of his missing phone.

On Christmas Eve in France, a 20-year-old man spotted wrapped gifts in an unlocked car and took the presents.

He later discovered when he got home that his mobile phone went missing. He had to file a report so his insurance company will replace it.


Man Showed Pellet Gun at McD’s Drive-Through Window

A man was arrested for allegedly pulling out a pellet gun at a McDonald’s drive-through.

It was early morning when a man driving a car with three friends pulled up to a window to hand out a coupon for a free meal. The customer, Donald Delong, 21, asked if he could go inside the restaurant. The employee said it wasn’t open and he flashed his pellet gun.

He went on to take his last mea…