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Mom Left Son Alone in Motel Room to Go See a Movie

A mom left her 7-year-old son alone in a motel room because he did not want to see a scary movie.

Deputies responded to a 911 disconnect at a motel in Kissimmee, Florida and found out the call came from one of the rooms. When they arrived, a 7-year-old boy answered the door and found open containers of beer in the room.

He told officers his mom, 28-year-old Natalie Figueroa, along with her boyfriend had left him alone to go see a movie.

The police contacted Figueroa, who said she had gone to the movies with her boyfriend and left her son at the motel because the boy did not want to see a scary movie.

She also thought her boyfriend’s brother was watching the boy.

Figueroa and her boyfriend got back to the motel. She was arrested and charged with Child Neglect.