Woman Screams Desperate Pleas at Judge After Being Denied Bail for Stabbing Her Husband Article

A Miami woman bound to a wheelchair screamed and pleaded at a judge after she was denied bond.

Blanca Regalado was charged for stabbing her husband multiple times at their home at 1800 N. Bayshore Dr. Apt 4201. Police were called to a domestic dispute complaint and found her husband Francisco Javier Martinez, 56, suffering from multiple stab wounds from a Swiss Army knife. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment and was listed in stable condition.

Regalado admitted to police that she is frustrated and tired of her drunken husband and that she stabbed him.

Regalado faced Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge- Rodriguez-Chomat who denied her bail and ordered for her to remain in jail. Regalado screamed out of control and desperately pleaded to the judge, “Please don’t” as bailiffs attempted to remove her from court.

She continued to scream that she was handicapped because her husband had broken her leg.

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