Woman Charged with Assault for Throwing Used Tampon at Officers Article

A belligerent and intoxicated woman was arrested for fighting with a bar patron and security guard at Oleander Saloon in Old Town, Minnesota.

Cheryel Mack, 21, of Golden Valley was resisting arrest and was out of control when police arrived at the scene. When she was brought to Blue Earth County Jail where she was strip-searched, Mack grew even more agitated and uncooperative.

Reports say that after she was told to remove her clothing, Mack removed a tampon, threw it at a guard and missed.

She then allegedly kicked the tampon towards another guard.

The alleged bloody attack lead to fourth-degree assault charges. Mack was also charged for two counts of misdemeanor fifth-degree assault for kicking another officer in the shin.

These charges were added to Mack’s growing list as she was charged with misdemeanor in 2010 for assaulting a police officer and a charge for underage drinking in 2011.

Mack was released after posting bail awaiting trial.

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