Two Teens Use iPhone App to Mimic Police Lights Article

Two Florida teenagers were arrested for using an iPhone app to imitate police lights and pull over car drivers in a nearby mall.

An officer patrolling the parking lot of a mall in Naples spotted an unmarked tan Ford Ranger pickup flashing red and blue lights while driving behind another car.

The cop stopped the driver, Ryan McMahon Schulze, 19, and his passenger, Matthew Levi Davis, 18, who said they were bored and “were just messing around” while waiting for a friend who worked at the mall. They tried an iPhone app called “Police Lights” that mimics actual emergency lights and sirens.

“Another person pulled over,” said a text message found on Davis’ phone.

When they were searched, the officer also found a pot pipe with a small amount of marijuana left inside.

Schulze was arrested on a felony charge of impersonating an officer and a misdemeanor charge of unlawful use of blue lights.

Davis was arrested on the same charges as well as misdemeanor counts of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

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