Traffic Tickets

This looks like a traffic ticket!Traffic violations such as illegal parking, speeding and reckless driving committed in the Dallas – Fort Worth area will lead to a law enforcement officer handing out tickets. If jailed for DWI offenses or other felonies or misdemeanors relating to operation of a motor vehicle, a bail bond agent can be of assistance. Those jailed will be required to post bond in order to be released before a set court date.

Failing to pay fines and other fees pertaining to traffic violations, or not showing up to court on the date required can result in an increased number of charges. You will be unable to renew your driver’s license and registering for a new vehicle with any additional violations, as is stated by the City of Dallas Court and Detention Service.

Additional payments will need to be made if a ticket is not responded to within 10 to 21 days of its date of issue. Delay could even lead to a warrant for your arrest issued by the court, which can be found out with a call or online inquiry to the municipal court. The options to avoid arrest include posting a bail bond, appearing in person, acquiring an attorney or paying all fines and fees due online.

The Most Common Traffic Violations Resulting in Tickets

A bail bond company that is reliable with solid experience can help in releasing someone through a bail bond for any driving-related offense. Here are some of the traffic violations that can lead to the necessity of a bail bond:

  • Reckless driving
  • A lack of auto insurance
  • Operating a motor vehicle without proper authorization
  • Operating a vehicle without a valid driver’s license or registration
  • DUI or DWI offenses

A bail bond company can offer ID services to those requiring valid identification as well, if another form of ID is unavailable to you. Many times when a license is revoked or suspended you can be without a necessary identification. While not issued by the state, a secondary ID can be useful if you are in need of one.

Traffic Tickets in Texas

Texas is one of the top 5 states to receive traffic tickets in the US, according to the National Motorists Association. Any minor traffic violation is highly likely to result in a ticket, and it is for this reason that on receiving a ticket it is a good idea to secure a release with a bail bond company that deals with many of these citations.

While fighting an undeserved ticket may be possible in certain situations, if a ticket is not able to be contended with and dismissed, a bail bond company can be the only solution if fines and fees are unable to be paid in time. Leaving yourself unprotected when it comes to receiving a traffic ticket can be incredibly damaging when the damage is perfectly preventable. Stick with a bail bond company that knows what to do and how to deal with the problem, and make posting bond as painless and easy as possible, no matter the circumstances.